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Waste Oil Centrifuge Motor Package



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                      Waste oil centrifuge specifications:

Waste oil centrifuge comes with 200 PSI liquid filled pressure gauge, 3/8" ball valve, 2 - 3/8" brass tees, 2 - 3/8" brass hose barbs, and 3/8" close nipple.

The flow rate capacity of the WVO centrifuge is 2 GPM or 120 gallons per hour. The unique design of the nozzles located on the top of the rotor make this centrifuge an excellent choice for water removal - when shut down, it is impossible for any water or contaminants to leak into your clean oil. The oil cleaning centrifuge measures 6" in diameter by 9" tall. Rotor is capable of holding 26 oz. of contaminants. One 55 gallon drum of WVO/WMO will take approximately 27 minutes to process. The viscosity is the critical part of this equation. Waste oil centrifuge generates at (90 PSI) a centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity at 8000 RPM. The centrifuge for WVO will clean used motor oil or biodiesel in the wash process. The centrifuge will remove magnesol with more than one pass necessary. At the end of the process, you can also remove glycerin, which requires no heating. More than one pass may be needed.

Carbonator Mount Pump, Rotary Gear, Spur, 1/2 HP, Voltage 115/230, ODP Motor Enclosure, Carbonator Motor Frame, 1725 Max RPM, 4.4 GPM Max, Max Operating PSI 100, Port Size 3/8 In, 400 Max SSU, GPM @ Freeflow 4.4, @ 40 PSI 3.8, @ 80 PSI 3.2, Max Temp 210 F, With Relief Valve, Pump Body Material Cast Iron, Color Black, Steel Gears, Viton Mechanical Seal, Viton O-Ring, Steel Shaft Material. Power cord not included. 1 yr. warranty on motor/pump.

Centrifuge waste vegetable oil for WVO diesel, or the waste oil centrifuge for motor oil as fuel. Oil centrifuges are used in the alternative fuels market for cleaning WVO, WMO, and other biofuels.  To make biodiesel you need to process vegetable oil or you can filter your waste vegetable oil or waste motor oil to below .5 micron by centrifuge filtering and use as fuel for your diesel run vehicle or equipment.

All internal centrifuge parts certified nickel plated to prevent rust and corrosion.

5 Year Warranty with guaranteed full factory service. See full warranty information.


Canada $95.00            All other countries $135.00

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